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The Galion PLD body is designed for superior service on 12000 - 26000 GVWR cab/chassis'. It features all 10 gauge high tensile steel floors, tailgate, head sheets and single V brace sides. 10" full depth rear corner posts and boxed "material-shedding" top rails are also standard. The PLD is designed to operate with scissor type conversion hoists.


General Dimensions:
Available in inside lengths of 12', 14' and 16" inside width with 18" sides, 42" front and 24" gate.
10 Gauge high tensile steel sides with horizontal pressed V brace, material shedding boxed top rails, full depth 10" rear corner post and 6" front and rear board extension pockets. Drop sides do not have pressed V brace.
10 gauge high tensile steel, with 2" radius floor to side radius.
Front Bulkhead:
10 gauge high tensile steel construction with two bend top flange and horizontal V brace.
10 gauge high tensile steel with full perimeter box bracing, two intermediate vertical box braces, double acting with long chains and two sets of banjo eyes.
Tailgate Hardware:
Heavy duty cast quick release top hardware and cast overshot lower hardware with manual release handle.
Meets all requirements of FMVSS108 with oval stop/tail/turn lights recessed in rear post. All lighting is recessed, shock mounted, complete with factory wiring harness.
Stacked design utilizing 7" structural longitudinals gusseted to 3" structural channel crossmembers on 12" centers, lubricated front and rear cross shaft and full width rear bolster.
Safety Features:
All complete Galion PLD bodies are shipped with a "body up" warning light and OSHA required back up alarm.
Glossy black thermoset powder coating on top of thermoset Zinc powder coat primer.

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